Sweillem Vitrified Clay Pipes Co.
6, El Saad Street, Khalafawi Square

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Fax: +20 (0)2243107-93
Email: hesham@sweillem.net
Internet: www.sweillem.net

All certificates / registrations of Sweillem Vitrified Clay Pipes Co.

Registration Number Product Type / Model Valid until Mark of Conformity
P1S045 Socketed pipes

2026-10-31 "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""
P1S046 Fittings

2026-10-31 "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""
P1S047 Special fittings

2026-10-31 "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""
P1S048 Seals

2027-05-31 "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""
P1S050 Jacking pipes

2028-05-31 "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""