Strojírenský zkušební
ústav, s.p. (SZU)
Hudcova 424/56b
621 00 Brno 21
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 (0)541 120111
Fax: +420 (0)541 211225

All recognitions of Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s.p. (SZU)

Product Registration Number
Air conditioners, liquid chilling packages, heat pumps electrically driven compressors space heating -cooling ID037/1
Air/air heat pumps PL271/1
Air/Water Heat pumps IS006/1
Air/Water Heat pumps PL271/2
Direct expansion/water heat pump IS006/3
Direct expansion/water heat pump PL271/4
Exhaust air/Water Heat pumps PL271/5
Gas-fired absorption appliances for heating and/or coolingh a net heat input not exceeding 70 kW ID037/2
Heat cost allocators - Appliances with electrical energy supply PL271/7
Heat pumps with electrically driven compressors ID037/3
Space heaters PL271/6
Water/Water incl. Brine/Water Heat pumps IS006/2
Water/Water incl. Brine/Water Heat pumps PL271/3