Registration Number 011-7S2335 F

Certificate / Registration Holder:
Ygnis AG
Heizkessel und Wasserwärmer
Wolhuserstr. 31/33
6017 Ruswil

Phone: +41 496 91-20
Fax: +41 496 91-21
Product: Solar collectors
Type / Model:

Solerio F4-H (Al/Cu), Solerio F4-Q (Al/Cu)
Solerio F5-H (Al/Cu), Solerio F5-Q (Al/Cu),
Solerio F6-H (Al/Cu), Solerio F6-Q (Al/Cu)

Testing Basis: DIN EN 12975-1:2011-01
DIN EN 12975-2:2006-06
Specific CEN Keymark - Scheme rules for solar thermal products version SKN_N0444R3 (as of 2019-12)
Mark of Conformity: Quality mark KEYMARK / DIN-Geprüft
Registration Number: 011-7S2335 F
Valid until: 2025-10-31
Technical Data:

See data sheet, part of the test report of 2015-10-01


- The freeze resistance test according to DIN EN 12975-2, clause 5.8 was
not necessary. According to the manufacturer's declaration, the
certified solar collectors may be used in frost exposed areas only in
combination with appopriate frost protection mixtures.

- The optional impact resistance test according to DIN EN 12975-2,
clause 5.10 was not carried out.

Document: Info(PDF)