Registration Number 9G0157

Certificate / Registration Holder:
President Packaging Ind. Corp.
No.465 Mayou Rd, Madoukou, Madou Di
721013 Tainan City

Phone: +886 (0)6 5704066
Fax: +886 (0)6 5704077
President Packaging Ind. Corp.
Product: Products made of compostable materials for industrial composting
Type / Model:

Paper Lid

Testing Basis: Certification Scheme Products made of compostable materials (DIN-Geprüft) (as of 2021-07)
DIN EN 13432:2000-12
Mark of Conformity: BAW DIN-Geprüft
Registration Number: 9G0157
Valid until: 2026-02-28
Technical Data:

Paper Lid

uncoloured, printed, coated

max. layer thickness: 0.45 mm

The composition is available to DIN CERTCO.