Registration Number 8YF0007

Certificate / Registration Holder:
VERMOP Salmon GmbH
Zweigniederlassung Wertheim
Hafenstr. 16
97877 Wertheim

Phone: +49 (0)9342 878-0
Fax: +49 (0)9342 878-173
Product: Products made of recycled material - flustix
Type / Model:

Box 4l, Box 5l, Box 10l, Box 20l,
Preparation Box, Wetting Box

Testing Basis: Certification Scheme Products made from recycled materials – flustix (as of 2022-07)
DIN EN ISO 14021:2016-07
DIN EN 15343:2008-02
Mark of Conformity: flustix RECYCLED
Registration Number: 8YF0007
Valid until: 2025-06-30
Technical Data:

Substance: Polypropylene
Recycled content: 80 %
Recyclate: 100 % post-consumer
Product type: Tubes and Boxes
Color: Anthracite