Registration Number 011-7S2509 F

Certificate / Registration Holder:
asotec Alternativ- und
Solartechnik GmbH
Hauptstr. 65
57644 Hattert

Phone: +49 (0)2662 939616
Fax: +49 (0)2662 939617
Product: Solar collectors
Type / Model:

AS-Sunline 2100

Testing Basis: SOLAR KEYMARK Scheme Rules (as of 2021-07)
DIN EN ISO 9806:2018-04
DIN EN 12975-1:2011-01
Mark of Conformity: Quality mark KEYMARK / DIN-Geprüft
Registration Number: 011-7S2509 F
Valid until: 2027-01-31
Technical Data:

See data sheet, part of the test report of 2022-01-26


- The freeze resistance test according to DIN EN ISO 9806, clause 14 was
not necessary. According to the manufacturer's declaration, the
certified solar collectors may be used in frost exposed areas only in
combination with appopriate frost protection mixtures.

Document: Info(PDF)