Registration Number P1R0592

Certificate / Registration Holder:
TeraPlast SA
DN 15A, km 45+500, Saratel village
427298 Sieu-Magherus commune

Phone: +40 (0)374 461529
Fax: +40 (0)263 231221
Product: Pressure pipes made from Polyethylene (PE) for alternative installation techniques - PE 100-RC
Type / Model:

TERAPLAST-SA Teava PE - Politub

Codes of application areas:

EG 926.2, Outer diameter 75 mm up to 225 mm

Testing Basis: Certification Scheme Plastic Piping Systems (Pressure Pipes and Fittings) (as of 2017-05)
PAS 1075:2009-04
Mark of Conformity: "Quality mark ""DIN plus"""
Registration Number: P1R0592
Valid until: 2025-09-30
Technical Data:

PAS 1075 Type 1 - TW
Basis EN 12201-2

Outer diameter 75 mm up to 225 mm
Minimum wall thickness 10,0 mm

Material: PE 100-RC

Material type: see production facility related material list

Colour: black with blue stripes


Operating over pressure burstlining: see Certification Scheme Plastic
piping systems (Pressure pipes and fittings)(2017-05) Annex O 14