Registration Number 011-7S3015 A

Certificate / Registration Holder:
Zhejiang Jiadele Technology Co., Ltd
No.12 Fenghuang Rd, Dingqiao Town,
Haining City

Phone: +86 (0)573-87797669
Fax: +86 (0)573-87797688
Product: Thermal solar systems
Type / Model:

JDL-HP150, JDL-HP200, JDL-HP250, JDL-HP300

Testing Basis: DIN EN 12976-1:2006-04
DIN EN 12976-2:2006-04
SOLAR KEYMARK Scheme Rules (as of 2020-06)
Mark of Conformity: Quality mark KEYMARK / DIN-Geprüft
Registration Number: 011-7S3015 A
Valid until: 2026-05-31
Technical Data:

see data sheet, part of the test report of 2021-04-02

1. System variant(s):

Designation Tank Collector (Registration No.: none)

JDL-HP150 150 l 1 JDL-HP150
JDL-HP200 200 l 1 JDL-HP200
JDL-HP250 250 l 1 JDL-HP250
JDL-HP300 300 l 1 JDL-HP300

2. Note(s):

- The optional impact resistance test for the solar collector according
to DIN EN ISO 9806 clause 16 was not carried out.

- The proof of lightning protection according to DIN EN 12976-2, clause
5.5 was not subject to the test and shall be furnished separately.

Document: Info(PDF)