Registration Number FPP013

Certificate / Registration Holder:
Shanghai Xin Xing Environmental Science
and Technology Co., Ltd.
4626 Wai Qingsong Road
201706 Qingpu District

Phone: +86 (0)21 3976-2006
Fax: +86 (0)21 3711-8131
Product: Plastic-free product
Type / Model:

Biobased plastic-free 280g sugarcane paper
+ 10g water-based Glycan adhesives

Testing Basis: Certification Scheme flustix PLASTIC-FREE (as of 2020-06)
Mark of Conformity: flustix PLASTKFREI
Registration Number: FPP013
Valid until: 2026-09-30
Technical Data:

Product type: Sugarcane paper
Application: Paper